Poppy Puppy Meri's Bowzrz Prints and Holly
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    You might be wondering, "What is a Bowzr?"

    Bowzrz are a fun, unique, terrier inspired 3-D sculpture. Each Bowzr is made from a molded fiberglass resin, and individually hand painted by artist Meri Berghauer. Coated with a high gloss automotive clear coat, Bowzrz are at home indoors or out!

    Bowzrz currently come in five sizes:


    Visit the Gallery to see what Bowzrz and Meowzrz have been created!

    Bowzrz and Meowzrz can be customized. Contact Meri to find out how you can get yours!


    Make sure to check out Meri's gallery at www.artnoddities.com!


    Bowzrz on Patrol